[Pending Interview] Thomas Webber - Job Application

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Thomas Webber
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Thomas Webber - Job Application

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Life Invader
Job Application

Full Name: Thomas Webber
Gender: Female/Male
Age: 22
Phone number: 4137690
Address: N/A
Proof of Identification: ID card

Applying For: Dealership staff or Security.
Do you have any felonies?: Yes/No
Qualification: So starting off with the application for dealership staff, why I believe you should choose me is because firstly I am very passionate about vehicles of all shapes and models, secondly when I came to the city I started off just buying and flipping cars from local auctions and off people trying to sell their vehicles, so would scourer the marketplaces and local advertisements searching for cheap and easy to flip. I would bargain for the sale and buy the vehicle for the lowest possible price then make some fixes and changes to performance and bodywork then sell it on for a 20% to 45% profit depending on the time and labor put into the vehicle. Once I started getting my name out there and got experience in selling, I applied to work for PDM and got the job, meeting new clients and selling them cars from the dealership which I spent 2 years working there working all the way up to showroom manager. But sadly they went through a decline in clients so they had to make cuts so unfortunately I ended up loosing my job there as they got rid of 75% of their staff starting with newer people first. Getting onto the security application is because after the PDM situation I started a course on criminal justice which then led me onto a course in close protection. This close protection course gave me qualifications such as planning, preparing and supporting in close protection and conflict management within the private security industry. I believe I would be suitable for either of these positions as I have a lot to offer in both fields of work.
About Me: I am very hardworking, I like working to deadlines as it keeps me motived and focused on getting to my final goal. I am great at communication and working as a team to meet targets and goals. I believe I am a strong listener and can pick up easily on peoples body language. I also think seeing results and making things happen pushes me further and makes myself excel at working a lot harder as I am always trying to better myself and my financial situation.
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Vladimir Zemleakov
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Re: Thomas Webber - Job Application

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Life Invader
Job Application Response

Thank you for submitting a job application with Life Invader. We have completed on viewing through your application and are happy to inform you that your application has passed to the Pending Interview stage.

For an interview please reach out to me over this website or contact me on my personal number 118-0489

CEO, Vladimir Zemleakov
Life Invader, Los Santos
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