Marco Black - Job Application

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Marco Black - Job Application

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Life Invader
Job Application

Full Name: Marco Black
Age: 37
Phone number: 1410324
Address: Still looking to buy a house and currently I don’t have any house
Proof of Identification:

Applying For: To be honest I don’t know which position is better for me and because I am new to this job I would ask every position that you guys think it is good for me
Do you have any felonies?: Yes, I was hanging around with one criminal person that I didn’t knew that he was a criminal he used to act like he’s my friend and he gave me about 10 Coco paste and I was caring them and suddenly one cop arrested me and drop me to jail
For only 10 months

Qualification: Why should we choose you to the position(s) over other applicants? Because I believe that I can do this job very amazingly and I I love this job so basically all I want to do is helping this amazing faction an amazing job to progress and invite the peoples to use life invader more because of my heavy experience I Can really help you guys so much
About Me: Hello this is Marco I am the oldest member of this city and in this old age I decided to start one clean career as a life in vain or team and start helping peoples out and I used to suffer from depression and I had suicide attempts
But today I made this decision to be part of this amazing team and help the peoples out because all I want to do is helping to peoples

Discord: Marco_N11#8520
Timezone: AS
Signature: Marco Black
Date: 02/04/21
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