Aris McFly - Job Application

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Aris McFly - Job Application

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Job Application

Full Name: Aris McFly
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Phone number: 4675135
Address: Eastebourn Way SE West Vinewood
Proof of Identification: ... nwDcFuXv42

Applying For: News Reporter, Personal Driver
Do you have any felonies?: No Felonies, Clean Criminal Record
Qualification: I have a lot of experience as a driver as I used to work as a personal driver in another city for two months and I have been in difficult situations, where I managed to secure my client to a safe location. On top of that I received a lot of compliments from my clients in the previous city and they all were repeating customers, asking only me to accompany them to their journeys. On the other hand, I have no experience as a News Reporter, but I believe that I can manage to learn a new trade and master it, by giving it my all! (min. 100 words)
About Me: I am a hard worker who always strives to achieve my goals, ambitions and everything that I put into mind. I am of the mindset that you should never quit from a challenge, but instead do whatever you must even if that means to fail. I see failure as a good thing, because you only learn and become better only through failure. As a person I am an honest and good hearted man with the intention to always to better than before, and exceed all expectations that others have set for me! (min. 100 words)
Discord: iKante#1815
Timezone: EU/Athens
Signature: Aris McFly
Date: 11/02/2021
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