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Evelyn Cale
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Photo Contest

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Photo Contest
Life News is now on the look for the Photo Of The Month! Do you think you have it? Then take part in this monthly hosted photo competition! So take out your your cameras and travel around the beautiful state of Los Santos and capture some unseen beauties! We will be rewarding the top three pictures with cash prizes worth 30,000$ !

Competition Rules
  • One Image / user
  • Submit the image on this thread as a comment and include your name & phone-number!
  • Event is on till Saturday 14th of November
  • Only submit images you have actually taken! Original pictures only, no edits! Cropping Allowed!
  • ((Make sure to use media mode (F9) for the picture!))

So grab out those cameras and get clicking, the competition is on!


Jakob Richfield
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Re: Photo Contest

Post by Jakob Richfield »

Photo Name: Medivac

Story: I was doing a mock call for a student where we all jumped off the top of Chiliad and parachuted to different parts of the state, i got this beautiful picture while i was about to land in a lake. ((its cropped as i had a discord overlay on it.))

Name: Jakob Richfield
Phone: 8834344
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